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    Saving House, the loyalty card arrives: more discounts on products

    A loyalty card through which you can buy products at a lower price. A card to retain people who usually buy detergents, perfumery products, toys, stationery and household items and make them feel part of a big team. It’s free of charge at the Savio Casa store in Poggibonsi (in Ponte Spada, in Barberino Val d’Elsa, behind the Pam’s shopping center) and which wants to give the possibility to the families of Val d’Alba to shop at prices super convenient.

    Savings and service. These are the key words Risparmio Casa, which has become a security for daily purchases. The company, active in the market since 1987, boasts more than 120 stores across the country, of which 15 this year alone. Poggibonsi store manager Antonio Petrella said: “We are very happy to offer this service to our customers. “We have been here since November 2010 (open since December 4th), we have become a reference point for the entire area.” Of Val d’Elsa, with our ample and accessible parking lots house “.

    Casa savings offers a concrete answer to the needs of non-food products around the world. The wide range of products is available on the website www.risparmiocasa.com.

    To obtain the loyalty card, it is necessary to fill in the form. The personnel in charge wants to explain the advantages and provide all the necessary information. The Saving House Card is free, offers the opportunity to collect points and access special promotions and exclusive discounts.

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    Cleaning products harmful to the body: how to smoke 20 cigarettes

    Some studies, published recently, have shown that home cleaning products, which many women and men use several times during the day, would be quite harmful to health. Detergents, degreasers and many other products are commonly used by many people, since the house is essential for the approval of the whole family and to protect themselves from various and various bacteria. But what many people do not know are those cleaning bathrooms for the body. [VIDEO]

    The study on cleaning products: harmful to health even more than smoking
    The study on household products was carried out by some researchers at the University of Bergen, Norway, and it was found that some people were suffering from the respiratory system.

    Basket with cleaning items on blurry background; Shutterstock ID 215591584; PO: today.com mish

    Inhaling the particles released by these products, both in sprays and liquids, could cause serious damage to respiration and lung. A serious job would make a real job of cleaning.

    We are talking about all those who take care of cleaning shops, offices and homes and therefore are constantly in contact with these types of products. The research has been conducted on a sample of about 6,000 people between 25 and 40 years, who have been using these products for 20 years, being monitored by scholars. In the same way as 20 cigarettes a day for a year.

    How to protect your body from damage caused by cleaning products?
    During the cleaning process, by opening the windows.


    Unfortunately, there are not so many of them. Another important tip would be to substitute the use of other natural products such as citric acid or sodium percarbonate.

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    Detergents and household products can be harmful to the lungs

    Women who use cleaning products such as sprays or liquid detergents by profession or to their regular home a decline in function, in some cases similar to smoking up to twenty cigarettes a day. It emerges from a study by the University of Bergen, Norway, published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. The European Community Respiratory Health Survey: 6,235 participants surveyed.

    The volunteers, whose average age was 34 when the survey began, have been for more than 20 years. The study finds negative consequences especially in women engaged in cleaning and not in men. By comparing the women who did it regularly,

    the forced expiratory volume at one second (Fev1), ie the amount of air that can be exhaled for a second, which is reduced by 3.6 milliliters (ml) / year faster in women who took care of cleaning at home and 3.9 ml / year faster in cleaners. The forced vital capacity of the lung (ie the total amount of air that a person can breathe out forcefully) was reduced to 4.3 ml / year and 7.1 ml / year faster. According to the authors, the decline in a job for a year is “comparable to a cigarettes a day for a year”.

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    How to find suppliers and wholesalers for your online store

    You’ve decided to start your business online, you’ve read everything you need to know about ecommerce and you’ve developed your business idea: make the market research, identify your niche and the products to sell online, you just have to find the wholesaler from which to buy the products that you want to sell online. It is often at this stage that the development of the business idea finds the first real difficulties, since it is not always easy to find the right partner that will provide you with the products to sell in your online shop.

    Let’s take a look at how to find suppliers and wholesalers for your e-commerce and how to get the products you are looking for at the best price.

    Suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers, stockists
    The suppliers, who also called wholesalers, want to get their basic partners in online sales and will help you to develop your business and even make the difference, as they can provide you with a wide range of products in a short time and at a competitive cost.

    To supply the products you need for your online store, you will need to contact a wholesaler and directly to the manufacturer. In fact, manufacturers usually limit themselves to the creation of products, while they rely entirely on intermediaries (wholesalers) for the sale of their products. It could not be said that you were able to make direct sales, from which then competitive prices even to those of wholesalers. In this way, your supplier wants to be directly the manufacturer.

    In any case, there are a lot of things to do with wholesalers, as well as with a wide range of items available and usually offer large discounts for the purchase of wholesale goods. If you decide to sell it online in dropshipping, as a supplier you could choose among international stockist distributors: they are importers who have purchased products from producers and wholesalers all over the world e-mail. commerce.

    How to choose suppliers for e-commerce
    When you consider whether or not you are looking for a business partner, you are looking for a key partner for the success of your business. Let’s see some:

    Reliability: the supplier must be a reliable partner, respect agreements, delivery times, maintain high quality standards of products and services over time.
    Products: must have a wide range of products, especially those related to the niche in which it operates; especially if they grow.
    Procurement: times must be as low as possible; in case you sell in dropshipping, make sure that the order and delivery times are more than acceptable.
    Prices and orders: the prices of the wholesaler want to have convenient, in any case try to get big discounts in the case of purchases of large quantities; so it evaluates what is the minimum order quantity.
    The importance of the minimum order quantity
    Especially in the start-up phase, it is important to order small quantities of products. In the start-up phase, you may have a low budget available, or simply would like to launch yourself on the market in a prudent manner, test sales trends and then focus on the most popular products. In this way, moreover, while renouncing the discounts given by the purchases of large quantities, one saves in the management of the warehouse.

    If you are looking for a minimum order, you can always negotiate, looking for compromises.

    How to identify suppliers for your online store
    Monks Guide, Infoimprese, Compass, Europages, Global Sources. On these databases you can search by sector, product, product category and identify suppliers, including international ones (on Europages and Global Sources).

    Also on eBay it is possible to find suppliers: there is a specific section, eBay business, in which to purchase products in large quantities and at discounted prices from wholesaler; other marketplaces also have B2B sections available. An additional and interesting alternative to buy from Chinese wholesalers and import from Chinalow-priced products to be resold online. Among these sites, we remember Alibaba and Aliexpress: it is the reference point among Chinese wholesalers. Even Aliexpress has rather cheap price